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Let's have some fun ☻ Let's have some fun ☻ Let's have some fun ☻ Let's have some fun ☻ Let's have some fun ☻ Let's have some fun ☻

hi there!

Let's move!

At Soma Co., we’re redefining Yoga and Pilates in Vienna. We focus on finding joy in movement – because movement is life, and life should be fun. We say goodbye to intimidating environments, bossy teachers and exclusive vibes…

This little English-speaking-well-being oasis, will offer fun and welcoming Yoga, Mat, and Reformer Pilates classes (launching 2024) that will leave you feeling both challenged and supported at the same time, as well as selection of teacher trainings in Yoga, Mat Pilates and Reformer.

reformer teacher training

Become a

reformer teacher

Join our Reformer Teacher Training in March 2024  

Fulfill your dream of teaching fun, dynamic, intelligent Reformer classes!

105 hours of training – Hybrid of online, IRL and practice/mentoring

our classes

for every Body.

Whether you want to sweat, grow stronger, connect with your body, or simply MOVE. You will find it all here at Soma Co. What you won’t find is pressure, judgement, or the feeling that you have to fit in. 

Dynamic, Power and Restorative options are available for Reformer.

Dynamic, Power, Restorative and Hot options are available for Mat Pilates.

Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation and Hot options are available for Yoga.

Some classes are reserved for peeps who identify as womxn only (these are marked as ‘4WOMXN’) – the rest are open to all genders.

☻ We're so glad you're here. ☻ We're so glad you're here. ☻ We're so glad you're here. ☻ We're so glad you're here. ☻ We're so glad you're here. ☻ We're so glad you're here.

group classes

Small groups - big fun.

Move together, sweat together, laugh together. Stronger, together. 

Our Reformer, Yoga and Mat Pilates classes are small enough that you are well looked after, and just big enough to be a whole lot of fun.

Choose from dynamic, power or reformative styles, or try some of our heated classes for a truly invigorating experience.

Try us with our Welcome-Teaser

New here? Try your way through our amazing classes and fall in love.

private classes

1:1 or 2:1. Just you and your teacher
(launching Nov. 2023)

Sometimes, group classes just aren’t for you. 

You prefer privacy, personalised classes or your teachers full attention and care? We’ve got you.

Our private and semi-private yoga, mat pilates or reformer classes can be booked once off, or as a package. Choose your day, time and what you want your classes to focus on. 

We’re all yours.

Interested in our private options?

Enquire here:

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pilates studio vienna

Enquire about Private Classses

Your own personal class. Tailor-make your classes to suit just your needs. Private, personal and incredibly effective. 

Subject to availability, enquire below

Work at Soma Co.

We value inclusivity, quality, and experience. We look for teachers who care about making everybody feel safe, supported and welcomed, and (of course) who can teach in English.

Sound like you?

Please fill out the application form!