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No. One of our fundamental beliefs is that Yoga cannot and should not be commodified or watered down. In our humble opinion, the Yoga Alliance standards for Yoga Teacher Certification are not up to scratch. It takes more than 200 hours to make a Yoga Teacher because Yoga is not a practice, it is a way of life (hence why we do not, and will not offer yoga teacher certifications). All Soma Co. Yoga training facilitators have a minimum of 10 years full-time teaching experience and 1000s of hours of training. We have dedicated our lives to Yoga and see ourselves as life-long students. We want nothing more than to share our love for Yoga while simultaneously elevating the standard of the Yoga offering, here.

Yes, all our graduates receive a certificate of completion if they have attended a minimum of 90% of the hours included in the CE trainings and a Reformer Teaching Certificate upon completion and successful assessment of the Reformer Teacher Certification. These can be used as proof of your education when applying for teaching positions and your resulting training and skills as teachers will be proof of your excellent education.

Yes! Our goal is to provide comprehensive training that will help you be the best Yoga or Pilates teacher you can be, with the tools and confidence to offer fantastic classes straight away. But this is a life-long journey and there is no better certification or training than experience and dedication. With time, the training you received here will be the foundation of your own development as a teacher. We all start somewhere.

We believe in making our trainings as accessible as possible. As such we offer payment plans, scholarships and promotional pricing on all of our offerings, so that everyone can have a shot. CLICK HERE to send us an email to find out more! 

All of our programmes and trainings are geared towards fitness professionals. 

They require a certain amount of background knowledge and experience in the industry, be teaching Yoga, Pilates, Fitness or similar.

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We value inclusivity, quality, and experience. We look for teachers who care about making everybody feel safe, supported and welcomed, and (of course) who can teach in English.

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